Opened in May 2000, Weeyums is an award winning, authentic cheesesteak and hoagie eatery located in the heart of Stone Mountain, Georgia.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our food, our custom sandwiches, with a special emphasis on customer service. Our food is sourced from top quality ingredients, while utilizing our own brand of meat. In addition to our top-of-the-line ingredients, we try our hardest to keep processed foods to a minimum.

Inspired by the lack of authentic cheesesteak restaurants in Atlanta, Owner William Dawson realized the possible impact Weeyums could have on the surrounding area. Despite the fact that we did not use advertising, our loyal customers assisted us in spreading the word about our new establishment. With the ability to create custom sandwiches, while incorporating quality ingredients, Weeyums plays a major role in enhancing your taste buds as well as the overall community. 

Although Weeyums is an eatery, we are recognized as a staple amongst the community and was recently names one of Georgia's "100 Plates That Locals Love", by Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Tourism Division.. Throughout our early years in business, Weeyums immediately gained recognition as being a positive impact on the surrounding area. Initially opening to become a neighborhood shop and to bond with the community, our business has done so much more. Weeyums is not only a place to purchase a one-of-a-kind cheesesteak, but it is also a place filled with opportunities for today’s youth. Through countless job opportunities, Weeyums is a way to keep neighborhood kids on the right track, providing them with a sense of ownership, and instilling a set of skills that are applicable in everyday life. Without the help of the neighborhood and our earliest supporters, Weeyums would not be the thriving business that it is today. We are looking to expand the business; however, we only wish to do so if we can duplicate the same level of service and reputation in the community.

Although everything WEE make is good, our level of customer service and overall sense of community is even better!


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